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Found 16 results

  1. Help! I am using my new Nvivo 12 now, but found that my Nvivo 11 project files cannot be open in Nvivo 12, and the name of the file is .nvb now. Can anyone help? Thank you so much!
  2. Hello all! I have two NVIVO Projects. I have a document I have coded in one project, and I would like to copy it, along with all its coding into another NVIVO Project. How do I do this? Additional context if needed: I do my literature reviews in NVIVO and code the journal articles for my literature review as I read them. I have multiple NVIVO projects One NVIVO project for each different body of literature I work with, (For example, one NVIVO project for all articles related to Institutional Theory, another project for all papers related to Identity theory, another for all articles related to Feminist Theory). One NVIVO project for methodological papers/theory, One Project for each of my actual research projects (with the actual interviews/journals/artifacts from my fieldwork). I have some journal articles that span across multiple literature. For these, I have coded the papers within my Institutional Theory NVIVO project, but now I would like to also include in my Identity Theory NVIVO Project. When I copy (or export/import or whatever) the journal article into the new project, I want the article plus all the coding and nodes for it to transfer. I've tried to export the NVIVO project from one project and import it into the other. However, no matter how I try to do this, I only seem to be able to get NVIVO to transfer over either 1) ONLY the journal article without any related code information or associated nodes, or 2)ALL the journal articles and ALL the codes and nodes from the original project. I just want to copy 1 journal article from one NVIVO project to another, and retain my coding and any new nodes that were created. Any ideas? Thank you!
  3. I am a doctoral researcher and a new user of NVivo 12. In my project I have adopted a qualitative multiple case study design (n=7 cases) and I have collected data in multiple ways (interviews with individuals, observations and documents). The design of each case study is identical and non-sequential. Each case study consists of a team (2-4 professionals) working towards the completion of a project. The teams are based on different organisations. Thus, initially, I would like to conduct analysis in each case and then, proceed to the identification of similarities and differences across the cases for final conclusions. Based on the above: -Can I use the "Case" feature for each of my case studies? Note that in each case I will have a set of 1-1 interviews, observations and documents which I would like to analyse to make holistic conclusions for each case. -Could you please provide with any tips? Thank you for your time and advice.
  4. Covid19 requiring remote work. Copied database into MS Teams so that multiple users could access/edit file. Initially seemed to work OK, but since discovered edited versions all reverted to original copied file. This did NOT happen initially. Tried to restore earlier version in Sharepoint but additional coding still missing. Had archived copy of edited version into a protected server directory (which is not directly accessible to NVivo during remote connection) but when copied this file into Teams for remote work it also has reverted to pre-edited version. Stymied how to secure additional work.
  5. Hi, I wanted to know if there is a way to import documents directly to a set. For example we had new transcripts to be coded that we wanted to add to a large project with documents that had already been coded. We wanted to create a new set to import these new transcripts so that we would know which ones had not yet been coded by separating them into this set.We could not figure out a way to import directly to this set, but only to move to the set after being imported to files. Thanks in advance!
  6. When coding into sibling nodes, having an overarching parent node, is it then possible to display number of files / nodes in the parent node, before unfolding the parentnode? It appears empty otherwise thank you
  7. Hi, we want to code lengthy videos (up to 8 hours), 6GB in size, but it is very hard as the video stalls and pauses for longer periods of time; and also the video- and audio-tracks seem to unrip from each other, making it very hard to code in a meaningful way. Does any of you have the same experience and what have you done to solve it?
  8. Is it possible in NVivo 12 Plus to export a concept map as an svg file to edit in Visio? As I recall, this was possible in NVivo 11. The options I see for saving an exported file don't include svg extensions.
  9. Dear all, I have been utilising NVivo for my PhD project which is a study of the rhetoric of the Far Right in Greece and France. I have utilised a number of speeches their MP's have made, and have codified excerpts based on how they frame certain issues. I would like to create a Venn Diagram in order to showcase how their various frames interrelate. For example, part of a speech may talk about the issue of national sovereignty and privatisations. Thus I would have coded the excerpt under these two different nodes (National Sovereignty, Criticising Privatisations). I am aware that Venn diagrams are not available in Nvivo, so I would like to ask if it is possible to see in which nodes and cases an excerpt is coded at, so that I can group them in broad categories (such as External Policy, Economy, Politics etc.) and then make Venn diagrams on my own. I thank you in advance for all your help, Best regards, MRizakis
  10. I'd like a thread for help for Nvivo 12 (or include it with the Nvivo 11 thread) on this forum.
  11. I'm working with Nvivo 12 and the play speed control for audio transcription is not working. It is greyed out and I can't click on it. I'm working with MP3 files. How can I get the play speed control to work?
  12. I may be missing something but is there any way of seeing a list of the synonyms which Nvivo applies? I used keyword search on 'suggest' and assumed 'recommend' would be included - it wasn't. Any pointers greatly appreciated.
  13. Hi, I an currently using Pro 12. I have up to 3 interviews for each case recorded at different time periods (eg john was interviewed at week 5 week 10 week 20). I have categorised each into a phase folder (eg all week 5 for all cases etc) but I want to link each of interviews to the original case so at any time and in any interview I can see the corresponding case characteristics. What would I need to do? Pro 12 wants me to create a new case for each interview, I just want to add the interviews to the case, but at the same time keep them separated by time phase. Thanks.
  14. Dear NVivo community, I am using NVivo 12 Plus for Windows. What I want to do is an export to Excel (xls; xlsx) which comprises all references per node. This could look like this is done line by line, i.e. each line contains the name of the node, subnode, and the corresponding reference. What is a smart way to do this? guess this must be easy but I have not figured out how to do it yet. Do I have to use "Data Extracts" to do it? Will it possible to make a selection of nodes? Thank you! Dru
  15. On clicking edit on two of our data files ,out of 25 that have been coded and annotated, the error message Key already exists pops up (see attached images for full message) then NVivo 12 crashes. I have tried both Compacting and Repairing and Merging the project into a new project success, following the instructions given in the forum post below re an apparently similar issue. Please advise.
  16. Firstly, this is for Nvivo 12. I've just upgraded, unsure if it's the same for Nvivo 11. When I code to a node I'm getting pop-ups telling me: "Coded at: xxxx node". I find them distracting, is there a way to turn these off? I can't figure it out
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