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Found 2 results

  1. chiara done

    Multiple Case studies

    Hi! I am struggling in setting up my Nvivo project. I use multiple case studies methods (sample of 20), and I am comparing different reports (CEO, Chairman) from the same text. I would like to compare my data. I assume with an example it wil be easier ORGANISATIONS 1 coding CEO report + coding chairman report + coding board skills ORGANISATIONS 2 coding CEO report + coding chairman report + coding board skills ORGANISATIONS 3 coding CEO report + coding chairman report + coding board skills I would like to: both 1 analyse each organisational independently to identify which strategy they follow 2 compare them (which codes occur in the ceo reports of different organisations) I assume each organisation is a CASE, but what shall I do with different report? is each ceo reports a node? thanks a lot for your help
  2. Hi. Thanks for taking a look at my post first : ) Still the new users of NVivo 10 for Windows here with millions of questions. Recently I was asked to import and code different types of data in one project (Interview transcripts, answers to open ended questions in surveys, students' essays, webpages, etc.). I am not sure whether this is the correct or appropriate way to do coding. 1. Are there anything I need to be careful with when coding different types of data in the same project? Also, 2. should there be a limitation for the number of nodes? I already have around 50 nodes after a first round coding focused on only one topic. When looking for a certain node, it was very time consuming. In other words, should I use NVivo for very specific/detailed analysis? Looking forward to your experience sharing and reply. Thank you.