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Found 2 results

  1. Qualitative research

    I am registered to start training on the NVivo software April 2016 as I have just purchased the software. I plan on using NVivo for my data analysis starting around January 2017 time frame. As a beginner, I am seeking input as to where to begin with this software. I have a research plan. Should I upload this into the program at this point? Stella
  2. Welcome

    Welcome to the questions and answers forum for NVivo 9 and NVivo 10 (previous versions of NVivo). Feel free to ask a question or start a discussion about these older versions of the product. We also encourage you to share your knowledge by helping other users – commit a random act of kindness today! Consider upgrading to NVivo 11 for Windows to take advantage of the latest features. If you’re experiencing technical issues with our software, you can contact Customer Support.