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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, I accidentally deleted my entire project! although I still have a backup file( .nvb) I guess....how can I recover my project from there, does anyone know how ? PLZ help
  2. Hi there, I was doing a large project (around 500MB) and it suddenly deleted and vanished. I looked in the NVivo recovery file and found an NVB File with the appropriate time stamp which is the project I was working on. However, when converting the file in NVivo to open it, it says the conversion is not possible. I am also unable to attach this file to this email as the max size is 0.49 MB and the file is 0.52 MB. How do I recover the project if it is even possible? Any help would be greatly appreciated Regards, Robin
  3. Hi folks, Any help would be amazing. My laptop imploded and the latest version of the project I have, in the NVivo 10 Recovery folder is an NVB file. So, when I try to open it, I'm told it's an invalid file. Freaking out a little bit as there's a fair chunk of work lost if I can't recover it!
  4. The project I am leading ran into some trouble when the file wasn't saved properly one night before the computer shutdown. It was further complicated when the .nvp file wouldn't open the next day, so the student doing the coding re-downloaded the original .nvp file and saved OVER the original .nvp file. A total waste of a full day of pouring over the sources My question is: what data is likely held in the .nvb file? Is there any possible way to access the work that is in the .nvb file? Thank you!