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Found 8 results

  1. I am working on an extensive content analysis project. We collected short-typed answers from thousands of survey participants. Data is being coded right now and we want to be conduct some advanced statistical analysis afterwards. We have a total of 36 nodes. To do so, I would like to create and export a report in Excel format. I want the report to have all the observations (participants' answers) organized in rows and the each of the 36 nodes as separate columns. Each cell of the grid would have a NO/YES, or a 0/1, or some other simple way to show whether a particular node was identified in a particular answer. I am attaching a simple example of what I need in the report. What is the right kind of report to do this? I have tried several, but I cannot get to what I want. I am sure it must be easy, but I cannot seem to get this done. I will appreciate some suggestions, CGEV Example for NVivo Forum.xlsx
  2. Hello i've imported results from a survey through the survey import wizard. Everything looks to have gone in fine, each respondent is defined as a case, attributes are all there etc. I've coded the source using nodes. Trying to report on this. I can see the fields that I need but can't pull the report together. What i'd like is to have is the Coding Summary By Node Report, but have this grouped/sorted by a case attribute value. So: Case Attribute 1 Node 1 Coded Text Node 2 Coded Text Case Attribute 2 Node 1 Coded Text Node 2 Coded Text Is this possible as a report or is there a way to extract the same information from NVivo so that I can then put a report together in word or other program? Thank you
  3. Hi there, I just wondered if anyone could tell me how to create a report in NVivo when there is a large framework and many different sources. We are looking to only create a report for one of these sources and one overarching node, 'Coherence' (with many smaller nodes). I'd appreciate any advice you could give! Kind regards and many thanks, Liz
  4. I want to create a list of nodes that have been used for each source without the actual text included. Like a coding summary report, but without the actual quotes. Can you advise how I do this? Thanks.
  5. Hi, I'm trying to create a variety of reports to provide to my management. Here is what I'm trying to report: Table 1: - Number of sources entered into NVivo AND the percent of sources coded against all nodes coverage BY source classification Table 2: - Number of sources coded AND number of references AND the percent of sources coded BY selected nodes Table 3: - Word count BY source classification I'm having a lot of difficulty trying to get NVivo to generate these reports. I'm combining various fields, and am presently at a loss. Any help would be of great value. Thanks.
  6. I have produced a report using NVivo's predefinied reports. However there is a term "coverage" but it is not clear what this is or how it is measured. Is it a percentage e.g. characters or words? All the report states is "sum of coverage". Thanks very much. Sue
  7. Dear all, I'm new to this forum but recently attended the QSR introduction to NVivo workshop in London. I've got a specific question about report building I hope someone can help me with. I'm using NVivo 10. I'm working with one internal source file which contains survey results. The file was originally an Excel file with both codable and classifying columns. The data in question is free-text survey comments made by library users at a University. I have coded all of the comments by topic at a node level, and classified all of the respondents at a Node Classification level. I have now received a request from the library branch managers to see the comments made by customers of their branches. The report I am trying to build will present the coded references from this one source (Internal source = x), detailing only the responses from the respondents from one branch library (Node classification = y) , broken down by topic (lots of nodes). I've come relatively close what I want this using the 'Coding Summary By Source' report and selecting the following filters: Source.Hierachical Name = one source in question (x) Coding node.Hierarchical Name = topic nodes I've created Coding Node.Number of Coding References = Greater than 0 But I can't add a Node Classification.Attribute Value (y) filter to this report which *I think* will give me the report I need. Is there a way of doing this? Is there a better approach? Yours hopefully! Selena
  8. So I'm totally new to NVivo, so NVivo for Mac is the only exposure I have had to the software. I have watched all the YouTube tutorials, gone through the class, but I still can't figure out how to generate a report, and then print it. For example, I have begun coding my interviews, and I anticipate that I will actually want to print out all the passages within a particular node. How do I do that? I do not have a 'Report' option under the 'Explore' Tab. Thanks
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