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Found 2 results

  1. NVivo issue.docxHi, I work at a health education center doing public health research and I am using NVivo to manage the transcripts from participant interviews. I just started using the program last week. I had no issues importing anything, but my boss wants the information graphed/charted. I am having difficulty doing so. I cannot add in attributes (which is the notification I keep getting. It says I need to add in attributes before I can graph my nodes). The attribute tab (along with many others) is grayed out at the top. We purchased the full version of the software, so I cannot seem to figure out why I do not have access to basically half of my tools. I have read manuals and watched quite a few instructional videos and none of them seem to answer why I don't have access. If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. I will include a screenshot. Thanks!
  2. Darren McDonald

    Ribbon Area Too Large - Customizable?

    Hello, In working with NVivo for Mac, I have found that the displaying the ribbon is much easier to work with than using the textual menus. For one thing, I can, in an instance, see what tools are available. This is great! However, I find that that the ribbon area takes up much more screen space than visually necessary. This means that the other display areas have less real estate to work with. I realize I can hide the ribbon area, but as I point out above, the ribbon area is great to have continually being displayed. Is there a way to reduce the ribbon space, like the other windows? If not, can this feature be added? Just to provide a clearer explanation of what I mean, I have attached a screenshot with a red arrow showing the ribbon area. Looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers! Darren