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Found 2 results

  1. Matt Bowden

    Coding Sources in Error

    I mistakingly highlighted the text I selected for coding but clicked to code source button rather than code selection. Is there any way to undo this; does NVivo save my selections too? Can you uncode and will it revert to just the text the selection? Any help with this would be of great help. MB.
  2. I am attempting to code an audio file. I'm able to select particular segments and code them as selections (rather than assigning codes to the entire source), but I don't seem to be able to go back and re-select those segments for coding again. When I'm working with the audio file, segments I've already selected show up as light blue bars above the player, and the codes I've already assigned to them show up in the coding stripes tab in the correct place. However, once I've gone back to listening to the file as a whole (which also seems to be difficult to do - it keeps replaying the selected section unless I drag the slider to somewhere else in the file, rather than continuing with whatever is after the selected section), I can't seem to go back and work with the segments I selected previously again. I can click on the bars, and they then show up as dark turquoise. However, when I right-click on them or try to use the Analyze tab to "code selection," this is grayed out and I can't edit the coding of the selection or assign further codes. Anyone else having this problem, or figured out what to do about it? I've attached two pictures in case this helps - the first one is of the segments as light blue bars, and the second shows one of the segments after I've clicked on it and (I think) selected it, but can't seem to work with it again. Sorry if this is a confusing description. Thanks in advance!