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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, Our team is working on the NVivo Server project. Today I got a notification that I cannot access the server (and hence the project) because there are no available licenses. This hasn't happened before and I was wondering if this happened to anyone else when working with NVivo server projects and what should we do in order to resolve this.
  2. arneolavnygard

    Nvivo 11 Pro server problems

    Hi, I'm hoping a knowledgable person can shed some light on this. My research team has installed Nvivo server via our university's IT-department, but when trying to save a project to the server Nvivo freezes. I've tested this across all project members' PCs, both on cabled networks and wifi, using Nvivo 11 pro, so the problem is apparently not exclusive to my PC. I'm able to store the project file locally, but Nvivo freezes when I choose to save to server. Also, Nvivo does not see the server when I'm using Nvivo off-campus, from home. Don't know if this is related to the problem, but it seems to me that there's a database problem.
  3. Hi, NVivo10 crashes whenever I open an audiofile, then change into edit mode so that the first row of the transcript table appears, then put the cursor into the "Content" column and hit enter. NVivo completely carshes so that it disappears from the screen and Windows (7) shows the usual monologue of looking for causes etc and then wants to report to Microsoft. The project on which I am working is saved on an Nvivo server (v9). I have not been using the transcript function in NVivo9 as I find it pretty useless as long as you cannot code single words in a transcript but only whole rows. I wanted to check whether this is still the case in NVivo10, but it turns out that things seem to be even worse in this version... Another thing that I find annoying in NVivo10 is that when I try to connect with the project on the NVivo server and happen to type in the wrong password, I cannot simply click the project again and enter the right password. If I try that, NVivo just asserts that I don't have the right to access that file. I actually have to close NVivo and open it again before I get another chance of entering the password. Is there any chance that these bugs will be fixed soon? Regard, Christoph