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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I am experimenting with ways to categorize notes from interviews with several biologists, as well as to categorize academic papers. In addition to nodes, I would like to classify these sources (interview notes and journal articles) with various attributes. One of the attributes is the type(s) of microbes with which the scientists are working. Unfortunately, this is often several strains, which I list as a unique "value" for each source, separated by semicolons. Not unlike how Endnote treats the "author" field, which may have several authors. Is there a way I can search for a text string within the "microbe" attribute values, to search for sources dealing with a particular microbe? Sort of like how Endnote can search in the "author" field for all the documents on which he/she is a coauthor? Thanks, Kim
  2. I imported my interviews, all audio files, as internal sources in NVivo. They are now all transcribed and I have used Nodes to code different statements under appropriate topics. Since each interview also represents spokespersons of a particular type, I have given each a source classification. Now, I want to run a query under a particular node (topic) against these source classifications, to collect all quotes from the same type of respondent on one list, but it seems the program only allows queries against node classifications. Please advice. Thank you!
  3. I have been importing large quanties of documents, such as emails, letters, reports, etc. and I need to classify them by date so that I can see how content changes over time. Most of these documents already have the date stated somewhere in the document. Is there some easy way to organize and classify these items without having to manually enter the date in the source classification sheet for each document?
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