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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I am working on a project with a large quantity of visual material (jpeg and pdf) and I am worried about the single file size. I am working locally, not a on a network. I was hoping there would be an option to store picture sources outside the project file, like audio/video, but that does not seem to be the case. Has anyone encountered such an issue? 1) Is there a way to store visual material that is not audio/video outside the project file? 2) Can we change the file storage folder location in NVivo 11 for Mac? I am hoping NVivo can prove useful for intensive visual research in design. Thank you
  2. Hello, my apologies for the length of this question/topic. I am just embarking on a longitudinal, mainly qualitative, research project (5yrs) into the music industry and will be using Nvivo for Windows licensed through Canterbury Christ Church University (not server version) where I am a Senior Lecturer. This will be my first project using Nvivo. I use a Windows 7 PC at home, a networked Windows 7 PC at work (with RDS if I need it) and also when on the move use a MacBook Pro with OSX Mavericks with Parallels and Windows 7. The MacBook has been upgraded to 16GB RAM and 1TB HD. I would like to use Nvivo on all three platforms (not at the same time) and am looking for the safest and quickest way to share the substantial number of large project media file(s) My concerns are: 1) where should media files (transcripts, audio/video interviews etc.) be stored in relation to the main project file? 2) what would be the safest way to make these available to each platform (again, never at the same time) – large fast USB 3.0 stick, ext Firewire HD, Dropbox (or similar) or any other suggestions? 3) what happens if I open a project and the media files aren’t available? 4) if Nvivo can't see original media files but for instance sees a connected transcript, will it then simply include them next time they are available i.e. when my large 'media sources' storage is connected? I am used to regular backing up in multiple locations so will always be able to recover data should I go down the ultra portable (e.g. usb) route. Additionally, I intend to introduce some 'big data' analysis (streamed music listening patterns) for which I will be using other more appropriate software. Has anyone experience in introducing 'big data' findings into the Nvivo mix? All suggestions gratefully received, many thanks…Peter