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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All I'm not sure if this question has been answered already, so apologies in advance. How do I run a text search query and spread the coding to the surrounding sentence ONLY, i.e. from the capital letter...till the fullstop or question mark. Currently 'custom context' only allows me to select the surrounding paragraph, which in some cases means 3-5 sentences. Any help will be appreciated. Thx Walter
  2. Hi folks, I'm trying to do a fairly simple text search within a body of documents. There are a total of 38 documents, with about 920k words between them all. If I try to do a query for the word 'further' I receive no results. However, if I do CTRL+F within a document I find the word 'further'. I'm trying to find out how often the phrase 'further education' pops up in these documents (along with a few others). Any idea of how I can get around this discrepancy, or why the query tool is not picking up this word? Many thanks in advance! Julia
  3. Hello: I conducted a Text Search query and added it to my project. Then I sorted through the results, which I saved as a node in the Results folder of the Queries tool and set it to open upon the run. I wanted to uncode at a for a given reference, as the usage of the text (e.g., the word, indicator) was not consistent with the purpose of my search. I could not do so by using "uncode at current nodes." why not?
  4. Hello, I am experimenting with ways to categorize notes from interviews with several biologists, as well as to categorize academic papers. In addition to nodes, I would like to classify these sources (interview notes and journal articles) with various attributes. One of the attributes is the type(s) of microbes with which the scientists are working. Unfortunately, this is often several strains, which I list as a unique "value" for each source, separated by semicolons. Not unlike how Endnote treats the "author" field, which may have several authors. Is there a way I can search for a text string within the "microbe" attribute values, to search for sources dealing with a particular microbe? Sort of like how Endnote can search in the "author" field for all the documents on which he/she is a coauthor? Thanks, Kim
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