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Found 7 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Hello everyone, In your research you might want to perform a text search query to see whether "water" and "environment" word have been mentioned within the proximity of 15 words. To retrieve this, you can use text search query with below criteria: "water environment"~15 However, if you need to find the unique instances of "environment" with the same criteria (i.e. how many times "environment" has been mentioned within 15 words proximity of "water") you would need to use the compound query instead. In this video I tried to demonstrate how to find unique instances of a word in a group text search with compound query tool. I hope this will be helpful. Regards,
  2. Hello everyone, In Nvivo you can search for any word in your data. However, please note that Nvivo has a feature called "stop words" which lists the common words that will not be taken into consideration by queries. Therefore, let's say if you would like to search for the occurrences of "political will", first you need to remove the word "will" from the stop words list. To do this: 1) Open your project 2) Choose File>Project Properties>General>Stop Words 3) Locate the word "will" in the list, remove it and choose OK Now your text search query for "political will" will be able to locate the instances of "will". I hope this helps you all, Regards,
  3. Hello All, I'm hoping that someone will be able to help with a particular problem I'm experiencing. I'm using Nvivo 12 on a Mac and want to do a text query search for a phrase "do no harm", (I'm inserting the phrase exactly like this with double quotation marks). Having run the query however, the results are all showing the instances where purely the word 'harm' appears, which is not what I want. I have also tried 'do+no+harm' as well as 'do AND no AND harm' (both without the inverted commas) but no no avail. It's driving me mad, can anyone help? Thank you Olivia
  4. Hi everyone, I'm trying to spice up my report with some word trees. My project contains 99 documents. When I try to visualise the text search query with a tree word, it gives me all the words that come before/after the searched word. Is there a way of limiting the number of results/branches? For example: I'm searching for the word 'education', is there a way of displaying only those words that appear at least ten times before the word 'education' and at least ten times after the word 'education'? I've attached a jpeg of a word tree of one document, there is not a chance I can input this into a report as it is. Ideally, I'd like to be able to show that the words 'higher' and 'further' do appear before the word 'education', and that the words 'institutions' and 'colleges' appear after the word 'education'. With thanks, Julia
  5. Hi, I am using text search query in nvivo11 for windows. I am using exact matches search option searching for: i-voting. The results are shown here (one of the sources). Underlined words are marked as those found by the query: Remote e-Voting: Voting is within the voter's sole influence, and is not physically supervised by representatives of governmental authorities (e.g. voting from one's own or another person's computer via the internet (i-voting), by touch-tone telephones, by mobile phones (including SMS), or via Digital TV, or at public open-air kiosks — which themselves are venues and frames for different machines, such as PCs or push-button voting machines, with or without smart card readers). Why isn't i-voting as a whole search term one of them and other (just) voting words skipped, since they are not the exact search term? Thanks for the reply Regards Mitja
  6. I am currently using NVivo for my dissertation research. I have a relatively large set of pdf documents (406, resulting in more than 3 GB Nvivo project file) stored as Internals. I search for a particular word and get back around 19200 references in 398 of the documents. When I click on the Word tree tab, NVivo works for about 20 minutes, and when it is available, the word tree is in fact just a blank canvas. What could possibly be wrong? There is no difference whether I do it on the pdf sources or on the respective case nodes. Perhaps there is a limit on the volume of data that can be processed and displayed? Is there a possible workaround? I use the latest 64-bit version of Nvivo (10.0.638.0 SP6) on a quad-core i5-4690 processor with 16 GB or RAM. Thanks in advance for any tips, Vince
  7. Does anyone know how to use the NEAR search criteria on the Text Search Query? I made it work by typing: word1 NEAR word2 But this search format produces the same results of running a query using "AND" Then I typed: "word1" NEAR "word2" ~50 (hence within 50 words) Without inverted commas it does not works, but the results shown are again similar to the search obtained with “AND” The web help of QSR does not say anything about this and a quick search on Google search was in vain. So, does anyone know how to make this search criterion more effective please? Thanks!
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