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Found 3 results

  1. I am working on a project where I periodically import PDFs to analyze, and when I do they automatically have a few coded references. I am having a hard time tracking them down and uncoding them. How do I uncode these and how do I prevent this automatic random coding in the future?
  2. I copied a project, and pasted everything into a new one. I wanted to uncode everything from the previous project. The vast majority of codes were removed when I did so, but for some reason, each file still lists 2 codes as remaining, as well as a bunch of references. When I go to each individual file, it says there is nothing left to uncode but a bunch of highlighting from where coding had once been still remains. How do I remove all codes so that all files are completely fresh: no highlighting, no codes, no references? Otherwise, it will be difficult to truly discern how many codes and
  3. Hello, I am coding a series of PDFs using the selection tool. I recently had to adjust some coding so I needed to uncode a section and then re-code it. Unfortunately, a highlight box remains around the coded section even when there are no codes left when any sort of highlight is selected. It goes away, however, when I turn off highlighting totally. I've had to do this innumerable times in the past and the highlighting has always disappeared. This seems only to persist for some coding and not other parts. I've attached a screenshot of the issue showing the highlighting persisting desp
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