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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, was wondring if NVivo can do data categorization by mesuring as attachment table shows, textual elements (TE) and the number of interviewees (N) by presenting data as absolute number and relative values - %
  2. Hi, I have created cases and assigned case classifications, attributes, which have values. I can see how I can look at, and edit and export, a case classification sheet and see which values my cases are assigned at each attribute. What I would like to be able to do is see/export a list of all the attributes I have created and their possible values so that I can review the attributes (and descriptions) and values (and descriptions). Is this possible? Thanks
  3. I am coding documents where each document is a case, and where there are many different activities that happened at specific times that need to be coded. Each activity is coded to the relevant node (there are usually multiple activities for each node for each case) and I would like to code the year that the activity occurred (there are usually multiple actives per year for each case). I have considered using attributes to do this. So year =(2000, 2001, ... 2015) as an attribute for EACH activity node. However I am concerned that this will not work because attributes seem to apply to all the data in a case. Are my concerns valid, and if so is there a way that I can achieve this objective? (I have a very large number of cases to code!) Many thanks for any help.
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