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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I can import mp4 video files successfully in the 32 bit version of NVivo 12, but not into the 64 bit version. The advice for NVivo 10 was to use the 32 bit version, has there been any update on this for later versions? http://www.qsrinternational.com/nvivo/support-overview/faqs/why-do-i-get-errors-importing-or-playing-particula Is there anything I should be doing to get it work on the 64 bit version? Kind regards Baljit
  2. I am working with video data, I coded the transcript of the videos. Now I am writing up my thesis and I want to show the codes and the timeline. I use coding stripes, but since I coded the transcripts in chunks, NVivo highlights the entire chunk even though the codes only apply to a short period in the chunk. Thus it misleads the readers. Does anyone know any other way to display the codes and their corresponding duration in the timeline? Thank you.
  3. Hi, I have a problem with mpg videos in NVivo 11. It doesn't have any visual, black screen. But the audio works perfectly. I converted the videos to mp4 format, but I can't import it because some problems with the codec. Does anyone know about this matter? Thank you. Meili
  4. Hello, At the moment the default setting for fully embedding an audio or video file is 20MG which can be changed to a limit of 40MB. I understand from the posts in the NVivo Wndows Forum that the 40MB limit is imposed because having data and the project size too large impairs the performance of NVivo - makes it slow and open to the opportunity of freezing/crashing. I was wondering if this limit can be revisited considering the changes and performance of the current lineup of Macs? Nearly all Mac laptops/notebooks have SSD drives, high CPU performance, dedicated graphic memory and so on. For instance, my customized MacBook Pro 15" is an extremely fast machine. Even my iMac, which is a number of years old, was the first to have the "fusion drive" and is performs very well. I understand that there maybe users who need to export projects to a Windows Nvivo format that may be used on a PC with less power. So keeping the default at 20MB makes sense in this scenario. Thus my suggestion is to keep the default at 20MB. BUT, if at all technically possible, take the limit completely off what for what the user can set at their decision. I have video and even many audio files that go beyond the 40MB limit. I want to embed these files entirely in the project. Not being able to fully embed means that I actually face MORE issues with NVivo - like having having to re-link the externally stored files and other issues. I hope the current limit can be reconsidered and lifted as I described above. Looking forward to some feedback. Cheers! Darren
  5. I am coding a video, but find that the playback function gets stuck within the section I have just coded. I can't get out to keep watching the video and keep coding. How do I continue to watch beyond the section that I have coded?
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