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Found 3 results

  1. HI there, I have a question about word cloud. i'd like my word cloud to show the whole phrase rather than one word. In FAQ, i learnt that you need to edit the word list and add a ~ between two words. For example: lorem~ipsum. https://www.wordclouds.com/faq/ I don't get where and how to edit the "word list"? i edited my source (internal source) and added ~ between the words but that didn't change the word cloud. Can you pls explain, step by step, how to get it done. For Mac pls. thanks so much, cheers, M
  2. In our project we uploaded transcripts with both interviewer questions and interviewee responses. How can we run a word frequency analysis that excludes the interviewer's questions? In other words, our transcripts were Word docs in which we created headings, so we had one heading for the interviewer and other headings for the interview subject(s). We imported these transcripts into "internals," thinking we could auto code and identify text to exclude. But we now understand that auto coding is not a function of the Mac version of NVivo. Is there any other way for a Mac user to create accurate word clouds or word frequencies that will exclude the interviewer text?
  3. Word Clouds Formatting

    Hi, I am in the process of creating a word cloud. Is it possible to make formatting changes to a word cloud such as font type or shape of the word cloud from circular to rectangular? Thanks, Lucia