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Exporting project for sequential coding

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Kia ora! Hello!

Overview: I am hoping that the other users on this forum will have some idea on the best way to export an Nvivo project to allow sequential coding. Basically after I code our data, my PI would download the .nvpx file from a shared drive, and open the project on her own mac, and review my coding and add anything I may have missed.

Sounds relatively straightforward, but we have had some real issues! 

Details: We are using Nvivo 12, we are all on Macs, and the data we are currently coding is a combination of text and regional coding of PDF files.

The problem: For some reason when I export the project, the areas that are regionally coded look fine. The areas that are text coded are no longer coded, once I export the project. Instead the text areas that were coded are listed in a memo file that Nvivo has generated and attached to the PDF. 

If anyone understands why it is removing the text coding and putting it into a memo, and retaining the regional coding, we would love to hear it! even better, how to prevent it from doing that when we export the project. Alternatively, if there is a better way to be doing sequential coding on a project, please let us know! I am happy to add any other relevant information that might help answer this question. It has brought us to quite the standstill, analysis-wise.





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Hello @Cassie Withey-Rila,

If your PI would review and add to your coding, then you would not need to export your own project!

Save and close your project, right-click and choose duplicate. Then, share this duplicate copy with your PI.


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