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Hi there,


I am writing to the forum because I seem to be experiencing an awful situation with Nvivo7, first of all i don't understand why the program takes so long to get installed (pentium 4 2ghz, 512mb RAM, video 256 MB; pentium 4 3.5 Ghz, 1024 mb RAM, video 256 MB; celeron m 1.7Ghz, 512mb RAM, video 64 MB)... :mellow:


the difference between these systems is approximately 5 minutes with the times being 13, 11, 15 min respectively. once loaded and running, the program is highly unstable and slow, for example:


-to open the program takes about 50 seconds


-to open a 'source' document takes about 10 seconds


-converting an nvivo 2 project to nvivo 7 takes about 1 min 10 sec


these examples are about the same across the systems with their respective variances due to system specs. there is also a huge increase of 'crashing' if you have microsoft outlook running, i'm worried since this is only the beginning of my coding (2 to 4 source files) and i suppose that dealing with approx 100 cases will make it impossible. :angry:


i would like to specify that i have not begun the coding yet, just by going from source documents to the first coded node, or by renaming files, brings the software to crash :blink:


could anyone share similar situations and appropriate corrections to these 'slow' processes described above? ;)


i haven't tried to assign specific memory to the program but i wouldn't like to do that using WINDOWS XP since that creates an even further unstable envrironment.



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I've been beta testing NVIVO 7 since October and I have converted numerous NVIVO 2 projects into it. And I have already started training in it.


I wouldn't say NVIVO 7 is unstable at all. It is true that the installation is a much longer process than previous QSR products and other software of this type. But that is because the installation process involves installing a number of other software besides NVIVO including the SQL component which is the database software. I will let someone from QSR expand on this aspect.


The program initially does take about 50 seconds to open. (Mine just took 30 seconds just now - I am running Windows XP service pack 2, 512 MB RAM.) But once a project is opened the documents open up instantly.


I have converted several projects into NVIVO 7. Some quite large. I have fully coded my example training project which covers all aspects of the software. There have been some glitches in converting NVIVO 2 projects. One problem was a project that had a large number of attributes and cases (1252 cases and 81 attributes). I was able to convert it by first exporting the case node attributes out of NVIVO 2 and then deleting them from the NVIVO 2 project. I was then able to convert the NVIVO 2 project into NVIVO 7. I then opened the attribute table I exported out of NV2 in Excel and made the changes necessary to import in NVIVO 7. I couldn't import it at first but the error message in NVIVO 7 told me that there were duplicate cases. So when I deleted the extra cases I was able to import it but I did it by importing a number of smaller tables rather than the extremely large one. I think the problem with the conversion from NV2 to NV7 orginally was because of the duplicate case nodes - which is easy to miss when you have 1252 cases.


I have noticed it slowing down when you have been working on it all day but it depends on your RAM. I would recommend 512 MB RAM at least although I have seen it run on 256 MB RAM


There are a few other glitches which I have reported to QSR but I have found it stable. You didn't say which operating system you are running. NVIVO 7 will run on Windows 2000 service pack 4 or Windows XP or higher.


Best wishes,



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Hi Silvana,


thanks a lot for your answer, I think that my tone sounded very miserable and I want to reiterate that this is not the case :P ; as an Nvivo user, supporter and promoter I am concerned with the disadvantages that the 'change' to version 7 brings B) .


My case might be unique but I think that having installed the software in 3 different computers with different (more and less powerful) tech specs (all of them run the latest win xp version) makes my point 'plausible'.


The only problem I have with the software is that everytime I want to check/edit some coding, create tree nodes, add sources, delete nodes, in brief, everytime i perform a routinary action it crashes, no matter which of the systems i use or if the software has just started or if it was the end of the day or not. I have disabled the antivirus, there's no firewall in windows and the system is running smoothly.


I posted my concern since neither the help file nor the online FAQ's mention this problem, but i'll be more positive than this, reinstall the software in the three computers and let you know what happens.


any ideas about what it could be wrong are welcomed.



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Thank you for your post. To enable QSR to provide you with the highest level of assistance as you transition to our new software, NVivo 7, we would appreciate it if you could contact us with a detailed explanation of the problems you are experiencing. Our dedicated technical support team will endeavor to resolve any issues as soon as possible.


If you’d like to know more about NVivo 7 and what resources are available to help you start working with the software, please visit the QSR website.



Sally Stewart

Marketing Communications

QSR International Pty Ltd

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Hi Sally,


I already have logged a query using the help pages, as I mentioned somewhere else in the Forum, it is becoming more stable but still makes a fuss every now and again. Based on the error logs I gather that is something to do with the incompatibility of page margins, but that's odd since it should be flexible with that and my margins are not that extreme either.


looking forward to hearing from you,



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I have been having a very similar problem, and I'm glad to see that I'm not alone! I'm worried that there is a conflict happening between NVivo and some other program on my machine. It's sluggish when I try to use other programs at the same time (including my browser), so I stopped doing that. But even when it's the only active program (aside from whatever runs on its own), after a couple of hours it slows way down and then freezes. Usually the freeze is also preceeded by a general refusal to do anything asked of it. I'll try to uncode or recode a particular token and it will just ignore me. Then I'll try and save and it will also ignore me, but this time with the hourglass cursor. If I close the program at that point, it will allow me to save, but then I have to reopen everything. If I don't close it at that point, it will freeze and I won't be able to save whatever I was working on.


Please let me know if there is a specific software conflict of which I should be aware. I have a one year old Sony Vaio running the 2002 version of Window's XP with service pack 2. My machine has a 1.7 GHz Pentium processor with a speed of 593 MHz and 512 MB of RAM.



Sydney Edlund

Graduate Student

Georgetown University

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I am testing NVIVO 7 to use for my literature review as a way to learn how to use the software for research on my dissertation and I am also finding that it freezes and runs very slowly. I am sure it is related to systems requirements, so I think I need to consider another version or program. I had tested Xsight, would this work for a literature review? What would be the benefit of considering NVIVO 2.0 over N6?

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Hello all,


I am happy to be posting an answer to some of the crashes I've been having on a regular basis when working in a low spec computer. Previously, as you can follow in the history of this posting, the crashes were attributed to some unknown mistake, then it evolved to find that the problems were due to some margins incompatibility and it stayed like that for a while.


After a couple of months of close and intense work with the qsr support team [they=trying to replicate the problem; me=hoping to avoid the problem], they had a good hunch and we followed it:


The specific crash issue happened everytime I needed to view a node, I could perform everything (giving it enough, very long indeed, time) but that crucial part of the process.


Nvivo 7 takes its page settings from your printer settings. [in my case I don't have a printer for the laptop] The fact that you don't have a printer may explain the problem. Can you install a Printer and try again? (You don't need an actual printer to do this, just set up a Printer via Control Panel without actually attaching one).


The above paragraph pretty much summarises the problems I had, since Nvivo works with the printer settings there could've been some incompatibility between them. For those who don't have a printer, or have a similar error log:


My laptop had two ‘virtual’ printers that must’ve come up with their respective applications.


-Microsoft Office


-Adobe PDF



The default setting was assigned to Microsoft and that is what apparently was causing the crashes, no pun intended at Microsoft ;), so instead of installing another printer I just selected the Adobe one and it started working with no further problems.



I also checked that the crahes were not dependant on the memory size, it worked/crashed depending on the printer setting rather than the amount of memory although I have to say that the differences between working Nvivo with 512 and then with 768 and then 1Gb are huge.



Hope this helps a few of us.



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