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the issue of multiple case analysis in Nvivo 12

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hi, I did multiple case studies with about 4 participants. Each participant has 4 methods to collect the data: interview, oversedation, diary, and document. Therefore 4 participants are 4 cases. Then how do I manage them in NVIVO? because first I need to do them within the analysis, then there will be a cross-case analysis.  and how could I code? actually, I am lost .waiting for your specific guidance. 

The interview is the main data collection method. The other three mean triangulation.

thanks very much
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Hello @Eppie

Let's say your 1st case has data coming from an interview transcription, observation notes, diary notes and scanned document.

All you need to do is to import these 4 files and assign all 4 of them to the same case 01.

I hope this helps,



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