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Essential to distinguish text sections of interviewer and interviewee for data analysis?


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Dear NVivo community,

I would like to ask whether it is essential in interview transcripts to distinguish what the interviewer says from what the respondent says by using different styles (e.g. "interviewer" VS "standard").

I came across a video that explained that, when running a query, it may be important to do so to exclude the text of the interviewer. I would like to hear your insights, please.


Thank you very much.

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Hello @ChiaraC,

I would always suggest to use different style for interviewer.

If your research approach requires you to look for words and sentiments then you would restrict your query scope to what has been told by the participants.

I have worked with several researchers who did not plan to analyze words/sentiments at first but then they decided to go further.

In such a scenario using different styles would be a really beneficial best practice in qualitative research data handling.

I hope this helps,

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