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automatic coding using existing coding patterns


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I am preparing for auto coding based on existing coding patterns by applying custom context coding for 5 words surrounding my word/phrase of interest using the text query. I save the text search query results twice in my nodes (one as a raw file and one as a file to clean for record keeping purposes). At first glance, both nodes of references retained the entire paragraph, with the sentence highlighted in bold to show coding (Eg: Reference 1: word word word word code code code code code code code code code code code word word word)   However, for some reason, after doing this for some time, when I check the node files again, the references have lost all context and only retained the coding (eg: Reference 1: code code code code code code code code code code code). 

Firstly, I require the context in order to determine which references I need to uncode from the node. How do I ensure NVivo retains the context surrounding the coding in my node/references? I am doing this since Nvivo's "Automatic coding using existing coding patterns" recommends I code shorter sentences and not paragraphs (as described in NVivo here). 

Secondly, if NVivo cannot do this, will having the context be removed in the references/nodes affect Nvivo's ability to accurately perform the auto coding using existing coding patterns function? ie will the specificity of coding based off of my existing coding decrease?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

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