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Merging together two identical data files

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Hi all, I'm working as an RA on a project using NVivo where a number of different people are coding a selection of interview transcripts. However, instead of uploading the transcripts into one NVivo file and then sending a copy of that file around, two of the team members each uploaded the same docx files to their versions of the team NVivo file and then coded them. When we integrated the two NVivo files, NVivo did not recognize that the docx data files were identical. Is there a way to merge the two data files together? i.e. instead of having A's codes on data file Doc1_A and B's codes on data file Doc1_B, merging Doc1_B into Doc1_A so that both A and B's codes are on Doc1_A. Or would B need to redo their coding on the Doc1_A data file?


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Hello @mjk1278,

All you need to do is to merge two projects.

One important point is to make sure that file names are matching.

Considering your example, let's say Coder A coded interview transcription of Barbara in his Nvivo project file.

Meanwhile Coder B did same for Barbara's interview.

Before merging two projects make sure both coders named the file as "Barbara".

For details of merging projects please refer here.

Once merge completed you will see a single Barbara file which contains codings of both Coder A and Coder B

I hope this helps,


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Hello again @mjk1278,

If folder names and file names are matching but they don't merge then once of the files has modified content (i.e. its content changed).

Export both files in Word format and compare them as explained here.

Once you find the difference go back to the relevant file in Nvivo and edit back the content so that both will become exactly same.


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