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Learn how to share coding matrix with others


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Hello everyone,

Coding matrices provide a way to see coding intersections between two lists of items in your project.

You can export a coding matrix in Excel spreadsheet or SPSS formats which allows you to put it in your reports or share with someone else who does not have Nvivo. 

Before doing this first make some of below adjustments as you deem appropriate:

-Apply shading to cells to make it easier to see patterns in the matrix
-Change the information displayed in the matrix cells—for example number of files coded or number of codes coded
-Filter or sort the matrix
-Transpose the columns and rows.

Then , follow these steps:

  1. In the List View, select the coding matrix you want to export.
  2. In the Share tab Export menu, select Export.
  3. (Optional) Change the file name and folder.
  4. In the Save as type field select the file format for the exported file.
  5. Click Save.

I hope this helps you all.


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