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Help! I am teaching NVivo 7 this summer to graduate students. I had them drag the coding bar to the bottom of the screen to prepare for coding, and for 2 of the students, the coding bar completely disappeared! I have tried everything to get the bar to reappear: unselecting and reselecting it from the view menu, restarting the program, restarting the computer. Nothing works. The coding bar appears gone forever?


Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a solution?


Also, we've had lots of problems of the NVivo 7 freezing up. We have a lab with 12 PCs, and they have all experienced this problem. I've experienced it on 3 of my own computers, including desktops and a lap top. Are others having this problem as well? (I do have the patch installed). The students are starting to complain that NVivo 7 is too unstable to use and may start looking at other options ...




Wayne E. Wright, PhD

University of Texas, San Antonio

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