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When I use the coding toolbar to code the drop down selection no longer has my most recently coded heading nodes? I have tried to customise the toolbar but it has not made any difference. Does anyone know how to restore the coding toolbar to include recently coded nodes?

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Dear Jacqui


If you have not installed Service Pack 1, the you will find that this is the case. If you have installed SP1, the coding bar only "remembers" nodes within a session. So if you close down NVivo and then reopen it, the list will be blank at the start of each session. I hope this helps. If your experience is not as described above then I suggest you log a Request for Service.


Kind regards


Daniel Buffett

QSR International

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You might find it more convenient to code using the RMB options or the control key options, than using the coding bar (which I find to be pretty clumsy).

Or - turn to Detail View Right with the nodes showing and use drag-and-drop coding.


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