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Another short wishlist

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I've been getting going with NVIVO recently. Here's a 10 initial suggestions i could make:


1. I'd like to be able to open a case from within a casebook. (Right-click or whatever.)


2.Can I output a casebook as an excel spreadsheet?


3. I'd like to be able to select nodes for coding stripes that haven't yet been populated. Currently they're greyed-out in the select-nodes-for-stripes dialog.


4. In MS Word, I can select some text, and then shift-click to extend that selection. I'd like to be able to do that in NVIVO too.


5. In text searches, it'd be neat to have an integrated thesaurus. When doing an initial coding, I currently end up searching for, e.g. "lead OR manager OR team OR ..." It'd be nice to be able to select one of Roget's meaning categories interactively, and have all of those words be searched.


6. In Matricies, let me be able to see percentages of coding references, not just percentages of coded documents.



And a few things that might be "bugs":


7. Coding stripes don't dynamically update - sometimes - and then eventually they start working - sometimes.


8. Attribute label customisation doesn't seem to work - I want to see these labels in a casebook, but I just get the built-in labels.


9. The "recently opened project" page - my filenames are too long to be seen, but the box is not resizeable or scrollable!


10. Gosh it's slow.

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Thank you for your suggestions. We have noted these for consideration for a future release of Nvivo.


A couple of things that may assist you: if you hover the mouse pointer over the file name in the Welcome Screen a tooltip appears showing you the entire location and filename text.


You can export a Casebook as tab-separated text file (Tools>Casebook>Export) which will then very simply convert to an Excel spreadsheet from within Excel. Or in Windows Explorer highlight the text file and use the 'Open With' function and then choose Excel.


There are two places you can change the Attribute Labels for 'Unassigned' and 'Not Applicable' values. In the Application Properties (Tools>Options) and in Project Properties (File>Project Properties). Changing these values in Application Properties will only affect NEW projects that are created subsequent to the change. If you want to change these values in an existing project you need to use Project Properties.


I hope this helps.


Thanks again.


Daniel Buffett

QSR International

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