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Importing Cases and Attributes in N7

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Hello All


I have been trying wihtout success to import SPSS data into N7. I have saved the files as tab delimited and left the corner cell blank. I have copied into excel, word and note pad and even entered variables manually in excel. When I select import casebook, go thought the options and select Ok I get an error message something like:


The data file (name of file) cannot be succesfully parsed.

Addictional Information

(Heading are not indented with a tab)


I have tried chaing heading etc and tabing throuhg the table but not helping.


Any suggestions?


J :unsure:

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:blink: A related question. In NVivo2, I had no problem importing an excel file with attributes. In the middle of the project, I upgraded to N7, but now I want to update the attributes (I've since gotten more participant data). I cannot figure out how to import the attribute file. It's very clear and intuitive (and the tutorial shows you) how to create new attributes, but not how to go through the process of either updating old attributes, or scrapping those and importing new ones.


BTW, I tried, "Import Casebook" with a tab-delimited excel file. I get the updated casebook (okay, so I guess this isn't a question of how to get it in, but rather why am I not seeing the raw data associated with each case?) How can I import the attribute data in such a way that I can see each field and case data points?





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