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Automatically code a list of codes from either Word or Excel

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I have made a list of codes from Microsoft Word. Each line has its own code. I have also copied and pasted this list onto Excel, where each row has one code. Is there any way to have either of these imported into Nvivo and automatically put in as codes? In other words, I don't want to select each line and then hit the code button. I have thousands of codes, so if there in an automatic option, that would be much appreciated. 

Thank you!


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Hello @Ylasa,

If you can format your Excel file as below, you can auto-code that as if you are auto-coding cases. Then you can convert cases into codes.1309310137_Screenshot2023-01-31at08_43_36.thumb.png.1dff582e51d9fc465884154dab4c32cc.png

I hope this helps,


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Hi, thanks, but this doesn't really help. I have a list of about 850 codes from just one (out of 12) transcripts. I have this list both on Word (different lines for each code) and excel (new line/cell for each code). I have tried both on Nvivo, and it looks like I have to select EACH code and have it autocoded! Please tell me Nvivo is advanced (or adequate) enough to recognise that each line (on word) or cell (on excel) is a code I'd like automatically added to the list of Nvivo codes. I don't have text attached, as you'd told me on another chat that this was not possible to do automatically. All I would like to to just create a long list of codes attached to nothing on Nvivo (i.e., in your example above, it would just have the first ('ID') and second ('codes') columns. Thanks!

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Hello again @Ylasa,

In the above example ID column does not necessarrily have a function.

In that example, "space" code codes "it gives me some space and time to myself" content.

However, if you only need to create a coding structure from a list of codes that you created and you do not want those to be attached to any content, you can follow exactly same strategy.

Please see below video:




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