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Many problems!


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I have NVivo 1.6.1.  My project lives on a OneDrive folder, on my university account.  This drive is shared with my collaborators. Our gameplan is that each of us will download the project from the shared drive and work on a separate part of the data, then merge it. I did this with a different team on a different project several years ago and it seemed to work well, although then it was shared on DropBox. My current issues:

1) The project will sometimes crash -- the update bar will go to 20% and then freeze. 

2) My colleague downloaded the project to work on. Her work was not saved to her computer, nor to the shared drive. The "save" button is greyed out and she can't change the section in (I think) the properties section that says where the file backs up to automatically.  How can we a) get the file to save to the shared drive or 2) get the file to save to her hard drive and then import it to the master file?  

3) I sent an email to the QSR help people and they never replied. A few years ago when I had problems I was able to call the very nice people based in Cambridge -- that option doesn't seem to be available any more?  

Many thanks for any help you can give.


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Hello @Pamlet,

Please refer here.

Please also allow few more days for the support request.


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