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Silent Activation

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How can I silently activate Nvivo 7. The following doesn’t work.


"%ProgramFiles%\QSR\NVivo 7\nvivo.exe" -a v:\nvivo7\activation\activation.xml



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>






<Company>The University of Liverpool</Company>

<Department>Computing Services</Department>

<AddressLine1>Chadwick Tower</AddressLine1>

<AddressLine2>Peach Street</AddressLine2>



<Country>United Kingdom</Country>

<PostCode>L69 7ZF</PostCode>





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Dear bjjgann,


Does your proxy server require authentication? If it does, then you need to specify your account details. Here is the command:


nvivo -a <activation filename> [-u <username> [-p <password>] [-d <domain>]]




Claire Chen

QSR International

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Thanks for the quick reply. We don’t have to authenticate with our proxy. Does this attempted activation leave a log file? Which port does it use to connect to the activation server in case we have something blocking that port such as a machine policy.

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