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Peltierl    0
:blink: My problem is to add the age as a value without puting all possible age within a group. If I don't regroup age, I would have to enter 100 possible values. Is there a faster way? It is the same for disease. If I need to document many diseases within one attribute, do I have to intergrate all the possible diseases and the possible regroupment of diseases representing an enourmous number of possible value?!

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Pat Bazeley    3

If you want to use age ranges you can - just define them as a string attribute instead of as a number, and enter the ranges you want to use as values. Similarly, it is your choice as to whether you define diseases in a fine way, or in groups. Sometimes you might want to do both.

If you want to regroup ages after you have entered them as individual numbers, either do this interactively, or use Advanced Find to create sets for each age range (or indeed, for a regrouping of values for any attribute).


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