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Intensive Introduction to NVIVO

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Silvana is reminding members that SdG Associates will be running the following workshops:


London, UK

Intensive Introduction to NVIVO 7 - 27-28 February 2008


Boston, USA

Intensive Introduction to NVIVO 7/8 - 23-24 April 2008

Multi-Media with NVIVO 8 - 25 April 2008 (this can be taken as a one day workshop for those who have had training in NVIVO 7 or as a third day with the two day introduction course)


All aspects of the software will be covered with special emphasis on how you use NVIVO in practice - working in an iterative way, moving between coding, reflection in memos and holistic approaches to analysis. Participants will be able to work on setting up their own project on the second half of the second day.


Details are on the QSR forum calendar.


SdG Associates also run on-site workshops. These can be customised for students or for research teams.


On-line booking at www.sdgassociates.com or e-mail: SdG Administrator





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