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Exporting documents with coding stripes included

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I was wondering if it was possible to export documents from NVIVO7 with the coding stripes included (preferably printed alongside the text?) It would be useful to be able to send by e-mail coded documents with coding stripes so that colleagues can check on coder reliability. Currently I am printing off coded documents with their coding stripes printed alongside the coded text (using the print 2 pages on one sheet of A4 feature in my printer which we are quite happy with) but was wondering if we could move to the next level and export these documents electronically.


Is this something that is currently beyond the capabilities of the software or is it something that may be possible in another service pack?



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Hi Ian,


Currently exporting the coded documents with coding stripes along side the coded text electronically is not possible. Using the print 2 pages on one sheet of A4 feature of the printer is the currently the only method. We do however, appreciate your feedback on the issue and have raised it with the relevant technical department for consideration in a future service pack or version.


I hope this was helpful.





Customer Service & Support Consultant

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I am using NVivo *8 and I am wondering if anything was done to resolve the previous issue mentioned above about exporting coding stripes. I am working with a team of researchers who need access to our coding but we only have 2 licences. Exporting to PDF or Word would be ideal becuase it would allow them to insert comments throughout, which for obvious reasons, cannot be done through printing.


Any help would be appreciated.





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Hi Christine,


There is no difference in terms of printing coding stripes between NVivo 8 and NVivo 9.


You can export your sources with coding stripes by printing to a virtual PDF printer. You will need to install a virtual PDF printer and print to it. Printing to this virtual PDF printer will create a PDF file which can then be passed on to team members.


I will sugges that you search on Google for "free PDF printer" and install one of many freely available PDF printers.


Refer to the link below for details on how to print sources with Coding Stripes on the same page:




I hope this helps.




Mohammad Shakeb

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Hi! I am using the most recent NVivo for Windows and am wondering if there has been any update/changes made to allow for export of coding/references with coding stripes. 

Thank you,


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