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I'm analysing my interview material, migration narratives, trying to bring out the complexity of explanations for and consequences of migration. For instance, I would like to be able to tick several values on each attribute for each particular case. One attribute is "Dependants in country of origin", and the values are "spouse", "one child", "two children", "three or more children", and "parents". Manuela, Case 1, is responsible for her husband and their children as well as for her aged parents back home. So I need to tick three of these five boxes. But i find that I can't - or is it just me?!

How do I solve this problem??



I'm attempting to assign attributes to cases where the family composition is important. As Marie noted, it doesn't seem possible to select multiple values for each attribute in a case.


My solution to this has been to create multiple attributes that each contain the same values (ie. Parent 1, Parent 2, Parent 3, Parent 4). This is time-consuming... Is there a better way to do this?


And, if I create multiple attributes , is there a way to pull out cases based on specific composites of these attributes (i.e. all cases where there are 2 biological parents, an adoptive parent, and a step-parent)?


I am running into this issue when assigning attributes around multiple ethnic identities, as well.

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Unfortunately, NVivo only allows you to select one attribute value per attribute when you are assigning it to a case.


Whilst your current solution isn't the most ideal one, we are aware of this need and have already raised a feature request to allow for multiple attribute values to be selected.


Furthermore, if you need to get a list of cases that meet specific composites of multiple attributes, you can create sets to achieve this.


This forum post may be useful to you: http://forums.qsrinternational.com/index.p...ttribute+values.


Kind regards,

Dalia Hermes

QSR International

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