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Coding focus group participants as cases

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I am a PhD student and a new user of NVIVO7. I am working with the transcript of a focus group with a number of participants and am coding each individual's comments to their own case node. I also conducted separate, individual interviews with a couple of participants in the focus group. How would you treat the group as a whole? I am thinking of creating another case node of 'focus group,' coding the whole source to it, and creating a unidirectional relationship between the focup group case node and each of the participants case nodes. Does this sound right or does anyone have an alternative suggestion?





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Can you clarify why you are wanting to code the Focus group as another case node?

With what you have said in your posting you should be able to code the focus group to the existing case nodes and this will allow you to assign attribute values to the individual participants .


Please let me know if you need further clarification.


I look forward to your response.




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Hi Siobhan,

To treat the group as a whole (I assume in a query), use the document rather than a node. If you end up with mor ethan one focus group and you want to treat the groups together (e.g. to contrast with what you learned from interviews), make a set of them, and also a set of the interviews.

Try to avoid having the same data in more than one case node, as it messes up case counts in matrix queries.


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