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Jon EP

Expandable Tree Nodes for Drag and Drop Coding

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I find that I code by selecting text and dragging and dropping it on nodes. I use tree nodes exclusively (and simply use a non-hierarchical single tree node for any non-tree-like code).


Often, I have closed certain tree nodes for ease of navigating the nodes panel, and then, when I am coding, I find that the node to which I would like to drag and drop text is not visible.


It would be great if, upon dragging text to the top level of a particular node, upon rolling over it the tree were to expand downwards, allowing dropping on the lower-hierarchy nodes.


Similar behavior is found in many Windows programs, notably Outlook -- when sorting emails by dragging and dropping them to file folders, the folders "open" upon rollover, to reveal sub-folders. This makes sorting much easier.


How about it?



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Hello Jon and Fabrolino,


Thanks for the feedback - this is something we will look into developing in an upcoming release.




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