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In order to reflect on the content of a specific node, I've created a link memo to it. I wanted to easily pass from one window to the other by putting them next to each other (by using the "disanchor windows" feature). Unfortunately, when I go to the node's window (ex: to copy a passage), or modify the content of the memo, there is a kind of lag, the view of the node change each time (to the end of text), this is completely disturbing. :(


How can I fix that ? Are there other solutions to go forward with my task ?





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Hello François,

This is a known issue which has been raised for future consideration. In the meantime I suggest you work with the windows docked and you will find you do not have the same issue with the re-positioning.

If you require any further assistance, please contact QSR Customer Service and Support directly via our support form

Kind Regards,
Glenys Veith

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