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Save and reopen workspace

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arneolav    0


Just wondering if there's a way to save your current workspace in Nvivo, with given tabs open and particular view settings etc., so that upon reopening the project, you don't have to reopen the documents you worked on last time, or reset the views to the way it was before closing the program?



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Jon EP    6

Hear hear! (A long-time-running request, with no response from NVIVO development team... no surprise! ... see here for a previous request for this feature.


It would be great, in fact, if there were a new label in the left-hand column, along with queries, nodes, etc., that was called 'Saved views', and where you could select links to saved views (which could be given custom names). This would be very helpful for coding, for instance--you could open all of your internal sources that still require coding (even if they are partially coded, for instance). Then save that as a view called "needs coding". Each time you fully code a source, you close that source, and then re-save the view.

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QSRSupport    76

Hello arneolav,


Thank you for your suggestion. At present there is no way to save your current workspace in NVivo. We value your input and will ensure your suggestion is raised to our Development Team for future consideration.


Kind Regards,

Glenys Veith

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