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Arabic Scripts


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Hi there,

I am here to comment on developing interface to use Arabic Scripts. Using Nvivo 8 to analyse Right to Left scripts is not developed as it should be. When you upload any Arabic script it will not display the margins properly. Higlighting a text to code will leave part of the Right margin out of the selection. It makes you wonder when you find the words coded are different in case you have returned to the same code later on. Probably uploading document with a different format is likely to be option. With all of this I am sure the search and query also will not work.

Currently there is more demand coming from the Gulf countries on using this software only for English scripts. However, with the challenges that we are facing in using Arabic scripts I advise them to use other alternatives. Other packages currently are making difference and accepting Arabic scripts with less challenges. Can you make efforts and develop this wonderful software to accept Arabic scripts please. This will open a new market for you and will make a difference in an important region of the world. I am academic and our institution programmers can help in this regard if you are willing.

Hope this clarify some points.

Ahmad Nawafleh

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