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Pablo Gustavo Rodriguez

A new question for the FAQs

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Hi: I have just read the announcement about Nvivo 9 realease and have a question which is not listed in the FAQs: What will happen with Nvivo 8 licenses when Nvivo 9 be released?. Will it expire?. Will I be able to continue my work in Nvivo 8 after Nvivo 9 is released if I don´t want to upgrade?

I would like to know the answer to this question and think it´d be a good idea to add it to the list.




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Hello Pablo,


When NVivo 9 is released in October 2010, NVivo 8 will still continue to work and be supported by QSR. If you have a perpetual NVivo 8 license then it will continue to work indefinitely. If you have a site license then it will be dependent on what your organization decides.


In regards to upgrading to NVivo 9, there is an FAQ on upgrading.




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