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There are still places on the following workshops.


SdG Associates will be running the following workshops:


Boston, USA

Intensive Introduction to NVIVO 8 - 15-16 March 2010


London, UK

Intensive Introduction to NVIVO 8 - 26-27 April 2010



All aspects of the software will be covered with special emphasis on how you use NVIVO in practice - working in an iterative way, moving between coding, reflection in memos and holistic approaches to analysis. Participants will be able to work on setting up their own project on the second half of the second day. Course handbooks are included with each workshop.


SdG Associates also run on-site workshops. These can be customised for students or for research teams.


On-line booking at www.sdgassociates.com or e-mail: Marion Deason


The principles of SdG Associates' training have been elaborated in the book: Silvana di Gregorio and Judith Davidson (2008) Qualitative Research Design for Software Users, Open University Press (McGraw-Hill Education). For more information and ordering see:

http://mcgraw-hill.co.uk/html/0335225217.html(UK and the rest of the world except North America); http://www.openupusa.com/html/0335225217.html (North America)



Best wishes,



Silvana di Gregorio, PhD

SdG Associates

T/F +44 (0)20 8806 1001

E silvana@sdgassociates.com

W www.sdgassociates.com

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