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Hi there,


Maybe other people would like this feature as well. My main sources are made of transcribed interviews, and because they might have more than one interviewee in it (and because I cannot use drag and drop coding directly from transcribed sources) I created nodes for each interviewee and use these as the source for coding.


What is happening quite quite often I spot typos that I would like to correct, but I cannot do it because source edit is not possible in nodes, only in sources. However, it would help if I could select the text I want to change in the node and simply be able to enable a "temporary edit the selection" option, correcting the typo straight from the node.


The work-around I have right now is to right click, select "open referred source" and go to another tab-window and correct it. But this is not as quick as editing the text straight in the code window...





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There is another operation needed to be done from the level of a node. I arrange some topics into free and tree nodes. When I create "see also link" from the memo to some part of a coded text (I read it from the node) and want to mark not entire source but only a part, the "pop-up" window on which I had to mark the proper text is the whole source - not the node. So, at first I need to find the coded text in entire source, than find it in this pop-up window. This direction "from memo to coded text" is significant, be cause I can see the existing of the see also links.


Maybe it's possible to mark both sides of see also link from - red wave, to - some other mark? And then when exporting memo ther should be option to attach "see also links - from" or "see also links - to"? I'm sure that this would complicate the software algorythm but I think this would enhance the funcionality.


Best regards,


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