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angarcia    0

The use of video documents (such us TV Shows, Documentals, Films, etc.) in qualitative research is more and more common. Nowadays, it is quite simple to get the subtitles for those videos, for example in .srt format, so you don't have to transcribe the dialogues. I have tried to import text subtitles of a tv show I am researching about and it is quite complex and time-consuming: the import transcription tool do not support subtitles, because the supported timestamps structure is different from any text subtitle format (I have tried converting the srt to many others, without success).


In sum, I think it would be great if you add support for importing text subtitles (srt is the most common format, and can be converted easyly from or to other text subtitles)... Is this feature difficult to develop?




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cmccaw    0

Hi there,


I am using Voice-Base automated machine transcription to partially transcribe interview audio. Voicebase allows you to download .srt files with the transcriptions. You can covert the srt files to .doc or .txt, but (as noted above) the time-span formatting is not that required by NVivo for smooth import. I'm using NVivo 11 for Windows.


It would be fantastic if NVivo were able to more easily recognise the formatting/syntax of .srt files. It would also be fantastic to know if any other users have found a neat way to prepare a raw .srt file for import into NVivo so that it works smoothly.


I'm sure it would not be too hard, but my programming skills are rusty!


Please announce if any updates or progress has been made on this issue.





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