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New Qualitative Analysis Online Course

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Announcing new online qualitative analysis course from SdG Associates

10 week course - 18 April-20 June 2011


This course will focus on the analysis process involved when using NVivo (or any other CAQDAS software) to support the analysis of qualitative data. The philosophy of the course is that the use of software should not be seen as an 'add-on' but should be integrated into the whole approach to analysis.


This course will give you the framework to justify the use of software to support qualitative data analysis and to represent your research design in NVivo. It will enable you to develop an analysis strategy using software tools appropriate to your research questions and to use the affordances in the software to aid reflection and the development of writing.


This course is suitable for post-graduate students, academics and researchers new to using a software package to support qualitative analysis. The course is aimed at those about to start a research project using NVivo or who have already started a project using NVivo. You will be working with a small amount of your own data (three or four pieces of data - they can be textual, graphic or video). You do not need to have any experience of any software package but you should have some experience or knowledge of traditional ways of analyzing qualitative data.


The course is mostly asynchronous so you can fit it into your schedule during the 10 weeks it is running. See further details on the QSR Calendar http://forums.qsrinternational.com/index.php?app=calendar&module=calendar&cal_id=1&do=showevent&event_id=567 or email Silvana di Gregorio at silvana@sdgassociates.com


Dr. di Gregorio also runs face to face two day intensive introductions to NVivo 9 in London, UK and Boston, USA. Dates: Boston: 14-15 March 2011 and 11-12 July 2011; London: 14-15 April 2011 and 13-14 June 2011. Further information on QSR Calendar.

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