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How do I remove a reference from within a node?

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I am coding from an imported Word document. I accidentally coded some text incorrectly, so I did an "uncode". The text is still there, kind of gray-looking, and it says that I have 0% coverage. That's good. But it is still counting it as a reference. So I have an extra reference in the reference count for that node.


I want to use the reference count in my statistical analysis, and it's not going to be useful if it has all of the uncoded material counted in the reference count as well as the genuine references.

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Two suggestions:


First, with your cursor over the grey text, right-click and from the Context Menu select Coding Context > None. This should remove any greyed out text from the view.


Second, the reference is still there, even if you can see nothing, it is possible there is a blank space that has not been uncoded. Select all the blank area between that Reference header and the next and Uncode again.


Good luck,



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Thanks Leonie, THat worked a treat. And what a coincidence that it should be you who replied. When I did some NVIVO training I was telling my teacher what kind of research I was doing and he suggested I try to look up a project you did (ages ago) that he thought might have had some relevance. How weird is that?


I actually never found the project/publication/report that he wanted me to find and I can't remember now what he said you had worked on that seemed related to what I was doing. In fact I just looked at my notebook and all I have written down is your name and no description about the project.


I'm analysing discussion threads on a health forum - importing the text into NVIVO and coding it according to whether it shows evidence of social support and/or social capital within the forum. Don't know if you've touched on anything like that . . . I believe whatever triggered him to think of you was some time ago. The teacher was Dr. Roger Vallance if that means anything.


Anyway, thanks for the "uncoding tip".



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I have tried the steps above and while coded text is gone from the node list, the following stuff remains (about 80 References entries):

Reference 1 - 0.63% Coverage

1 : 0,0 - 612,792

Reference 2 - 0.63% Coverage

2 : 0,0 - 612,792

Reference 3 - 0.63% Coverage

3 : 0,0 - 612,792

Reference 4 - 0.63% Coverage

4 : 0,0 - 612,792

Reference 5 - 0.63% Coverage

5 : 0,0 - 612,792

Reference 6 - 0.63% Coverage

6 : 0,0 - 612,792

Reference 7 - 0.63% Coverage

7 : 0,0 - 612,792

Reference 8 - 0.63% Coverage

8 : 0,0 - 612,792

Reference 9 - 0.63% Coverage

9 : 0,0 - 612,792

Reference 10 - 0.63% Coverage

10 : 0,0 - 612,792

Reference 11 - 0.63% Coverage

11 : 0,0 - 612,792

Reference 12 - 0.63% Coverage

12 : 0,0 - 612,792

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While waiting for support from across the world, and in order to keep the work moving I poked all around the NVIVO 11 menus to try and work around the glitch.

Problem solved! I was able to "uncode" via the "coding stripes". While the node context menu greyed out the uncode option, and selecting the entre document also failed to uncode, the coding stripes (http://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/use_coding_stripes_to_explore_coding.htm) saved the day. See attached images.



Node context menu.PNG

Coding stripes uncode.PNG

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