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Add Features to Quick Access Toolbar

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Hi everyone,


Could we please have the option of adding more functions onto the NVivo toolbar? All Microsoft Office applications offer such feature (only by right-clicking on the desired function) which greatly reduces the searching time across tabs and subsequent clicking.


For instance, I must change the Detail View from Right to Bottom display about 30 times per day depending on how I need the information to be displayed in a NVivo project. Always having to go click first on the View Tab, then click on Detail View, and click on the display I want is really repetitive and should be made much efficient. Instead, I would like to be able to click on the Right or Bottom display icons directly on the toolbar.


At present only 7 functions are available on the toolbar, and I did not find a place in Project Options or Project Properties to add more functions onto it.


Many thanks,



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Hi Marie-Hélène,


Service Pack 1 for NVivo 10 was released today, and it includes the ability to fully customize the ribbon’s Quick Access Toolbar.


In the Quick Access Toolbar, click on the right-hand drop-down button to open the Customize Quick Access Toolbar menu, and then select More Commands.


You can download Service Pack 1 as a free upgrade to NVivo 10 from http://www.qsrinternational.com/support_downloads_detail.aspx?productversionid=51.



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