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Merging Projects by Multiple Coders- Combining Same Nodes

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Multiple coders worked for a single project using Nvivo 9. We coded different interviews(sources) on the nodes of the equivalent structure.

Duplicate nodes were titled the same.


But when we tried to merge projects by different coders, we found that duplicate nodes kept the previous one only, instead of adding a new one.


For example, when coder1 coded an interview A on the node, 'N', coder2's node 'N' for an interview B disappeared when merged, but coder1's N alone remained.


I wonder if there is a way to merge projects to have both 'N's left by both coder 1 and coder 2?


Or do we only have to use 'create new item' when merging so we can have 'N' and 'N(2)', then manually combined them under the same node?


Thanks in advance for any help any of you might provide.

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QSRSupport    77



When two project files are merged and the 'Merge into existing item' is selected in the Project Import options dialog box, duplicate items are merged together. This means that the new node (merged) N in the merged project will contain coding from both users. Nodes are considered duplicates when they have the same name and hierarchical location. If you open node N in detail view in the merged project and turn on Coding Stripes for 'users', you will notice that both users' coding is present in the node. For details on how to turn on 'Coding Stripe' refer to the help topic link below:




The node's coding references from the imported node are combined with the Node's coding references in your project (if they are duplicate nodes) and this is the expected behaviour.


If you don't want to merge nodes (and corresponding coding) but instead want to create duplicate items in the merged project, you will need to select the 'Create new item' option in the Project import options dialog box.


It is important that nodes are merged (i.e the same node contains coding references from both users) and there are no duplicate items before you run a 'Coding Comparison Query'. If there are duplicate nodes and each node contains coding from different users, the 'Coding Comparison Query' will not give you meaningful results. For instructions on how to run a 'Coding Comparison Query', please refer to the help topic below:




Please also refer to the 'Teamwork and project users' help topic in the NVivo 9 online help link below for details about Teamwork:




I hope this helps. If you have any further questions about this issue, please contact us directly via email at support@qsrinternational.com




Mohammad Shakeb

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