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jsg298    6

Hi, I have had a look in this suggestions folder, but cannot see another reference to this suggestion, which is, why not have a spellchecker in the program? Not having a spellchecker is a real inhibition for transcription, which is otherwise so well served, as well as for writing memos. I find it important to keep an analysis log open during coding sessions, and find the process of free writing is very much inhibited by this lack. Currently, I copy and paste the memo into WORD, check spelling and then recopy back into NVivo. Even if the spellchecker was functional in memos and transcribing audios and vids, it would be a great improvement.

With thanks,


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marcusogden    20



Yes this is a frequent request, and is under consideration for a future release of NVivo.


Thanks and regards,

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Karma    5

Please do more than consider this for future releases as this rather simple feature is vital, particularly for collaborative projects or projects where Nvivo and Nvivo server are used for analysis and writing.

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dambuster    1


I would add my vote for a spell checker as well. I postponed buying NVIVO for several years -- since version 7 came out -- because, being slightly dyslexic, inconsistent spelling is a reality of my life, and the lack of the spellchecker in software is an extreme annoyance.

[Aside: As I'm sure you are aware, dyslexia is not related to intelligence -- I have four university degrees, and, speaking from experience, the last two upper-level degrees were rendered far more pleasurable by the advent of the spellchecker within computer programs.]

However, my making do without the use of a high-end text analysis software tool came to an end with the advent of NVIVO 9, with its improved, intuitive "look and feel". I bit the bullet and purchased the software despite its lack of spellchecker. I have been extremely pleased with the software. What an amazing tool!

I have developed a "workaround", by using my dictation program, Dragon Naturally Speaking, which addresses most of the problems except synonyms, etc. Of course, as Dragon has not been attuned to/configured with this software, all of its functions are not usable in NVIVO, but it solves the bulk of the spelling problem for material generated by myself, at least.

As I quipped to a professor friend of mine, as I sang the praises of NVIVO-9 as a research tool, "...however, you'd think for $2500, a database-driven, high-end text analysis software program would include a spell checker".

Over the years since I first became acquainted with NVIVO, I have noticed a steady deterioration in spelling amongst the general student population in particular, and the larger community in general -- for example newspaper and magazine articles, and even printed books, now contain spelling errors on a regular basis, as the function of “Editor ” is eliminated from the pre-production stream in order to save costs. This means that material which is brought into NVIVO from outside sources, to be included as "internal documents", suffers from the same problem as material which I myself generate -- it contains incorrect spelling, which means that word searches which are dependent on consistent spelling, do not pull up all the material related to a particular search.

I have contacted the company several times over the years to inquire if a spellchecker was being considered, and each time received a negative reply.

Perhaps it's time for QRS to revisit their policy on not including a spellchecker within the NVIVO program, and their insisting that we cut and paste everything into Microsoft Word if we want to have it scanned for spelling -- and embed a spellchecker into the body of this excellent software.

After all, I notice that there is a spell checker included here in this forum -- nice, thanks!

Just a thought.



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You can use spell check within dragon and nvivo, but you need to use a keyboard as well to highlight the window into which Dragon needs to put the changed text.


NVivo really does not like dragon. You will struggle to highlight text or navigate as well.


Atlas Ti works seemlessly with Dragon, but that is not much use if you have learned the ways of NVivo.

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