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lundblad    0

Hi all,

I've been handed a folder with a bunch of documents of various type (news articles, journal articals, government documents) spanning several years for me to do some discourse analysis on. I'd like to keep track and sort these documents by the date they were published so I can analyse them chronologically. How do I do this?


I thought of creating a classification with a date attribute and manually entering the date of publication. But after doing this for a few articles I don't see any way to sort the sources by the attribute. Is this the right approach. This seems like it should just be simple and intuitive but I just can't sort it out.


Any ideas about how I should manage various types of documents for coding would be helpful as well!





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Leonie Daws    9

Hi Troy,


Sources appear in List View and in Nodes in alphabetical order. To be able to view the sources by date, I'd suggest including the date at the beginning of the source title. If you use YYYYMMDD format then sources should appear in chronological sequence sequence. You can use attributes in matrix coding queries to compare, for example, all sources published in a given year with those in other years. You can use attributes and the Find tool to create sets of documents with similar dates. You can also sort sources by date Attribute values in the Casebook (Version 8) or Classification Sheet (Version 9). I'm not sure if any of these options achieves exactly what you want but they may go some way towards it.





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choran    0

Thanks Leonie for that reply - it was very helpful!!


I've used the Classifications (Nvivo 9) to group my data into 'Cycles' and 'Phases' as there's natural period where data collection eased off. I've used this to group data in i.e. Cycle 4, Phase 3 or Cycle 4, Phase 4 etc. My question is - is it worth doing this in the Source Folder on the left? I have my Memos grouped by Cycle and Phase but I can't see any real benefit in grouping my Sources in this way. Currently they're grouped by Audo, Direct Observation Files, Documents etc.


Might you have any comments on that? Thanks in advance! C

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