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I am hoping for some assistance--in NVivo 9, I do not see how to do something that I knew how to do in NVivo 8.

I typically identified whole interviews as "Cases" in NVivo 8--e.g., all interviews of doctors as one type of case, all interviews of nurses as another type of case. I do not see how to do that in NVivo 9.


1. The "Classification" feature in NVivo 9 appears to not be a replacement for the Cases feature, because each document can only be classified as one thing. I want to be able to classify documents in two categories*.

2. Brief internet searching** led me to believe that the expectation might be to use nodes for the same purpose. I'm confused about that, though--cases functioned quite differently (e.g. creating a node just codes the whole document as part of that node, but I don't then know how to pull data by an other node for only one document-type...so this seems to not be a replacement feature).


How do you recommend that I proceed in order to get the same functionality that Cases gave me (ability to code/classify documents as belonging to a category/document-type, but also ability to have documents be in more than one category; ability to pull nodes by document type (e.g. pull things I've coded as "areas for future research" but only for one grantee))?


Thank you!



*Explanation: These are documents about grantees. I want to be able to classify/Case the documents by which grantee they are about, and also by document type (annual report, proposal, evaluation, etc).

** See http://help-nv9-en.qsrinternational.com/nv9_help.htm#deep_concepts/key_differences__nvivo_8_to_nvivo_9.htm#MiniTOCBookMark3

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We understand that you have contacted QSR Support directly with this enquiry and a response has been provided via email.




Mohammad shakeb

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